Pet Grass

Pet Grass

Pet Grass

Pet Grass for Your Dog

Why do dog owners love using pet grass as a dog potty solution? Most dog owners living in the city use pee pads or are just resigned to daily patio, carpet, and floor cleaning when they are unable to get home in time when nature calls. Living in the city with a dog can present several unique challenges of which on is how to deal with dog potty problems when have a busy schedule and no backyard.

Pet grass for your dog gives you and your dog more flexibility when it comes to dealing with the daily potty schedule. No longer will you have to deal with the dreaded late night and early morning potty walks that are often exhausting and in some areas completely unsafe. Doggy and the City pet grass delivery service ensures that you will have fresh pet grass delivered to your door every 7 or 14 days.

How does pet grass for dogs work?

Pet grass for your dog is placed inside a self contained dog potty box. Once placed in the dog potty box the pet grass naturally absorbs urine and odors. With natural grass there is no need for daily cleaning of urine, all you need to do is pick up any poop you see so that it doesn’t attract flies or start to smell.¬†Your dog will have no trouble learning to use the dog potty box and pet grass because it is all natural and dogs love peeing on natural grass.

Only use real / natural pet grass!

When using pet grass for your dog potty solution be sure to only use natural grass. Synthetic grass smells almost immediately, has no absorption ability, and is difficult to train you dog to use. You will spend tons of time and money trying to keep synthetic grass clean and smell free with harsh cleaners that are not safe or healthy for your dog or home. Only real natural grass is suitable for your dog potty needs and will free you from the maintenance and cost associated with synthetic grass.

Doggy and the City Pet Grass delivery service

Doggy and the City delivers fresh pet grass for dog owners in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas in Southern California. We deliver fresh natural grass from the farm to your door in the same day. We have been delivering for over 7 years and have served thousands of customers. For more information regarding our pet grass delivery service click here.

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