Using a Patio Dog Potty for apartment living

Patio Dog Potty

Patio Dog Potty

Patio Dog Potty System

Do you live in an apartment with a dog? Tired of cleaning up your patio or balcony on a daily basis? Tired of nasty pee pads laying around? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you will love the patio dog potty system from Doggy and the City. Having a patio dog potty eliminates all of the daily cleaning, urine odor, and the expensive of pee pads.

Self Contained

The patio dog potty is a fully self contained box filled with real natural dog potty grass. With pee pads or some sort of synthetic grass thrown down on the patio is becomes messy very soon. The natural grass in the box absorbs urine and odor naturally and best of all everything stays inside the box. All you have to do is replace the natural grass in the box every week or two and you are set.

Where does the pee go?

As was stated above, the real natural grass with soil attached to it absorbs all of the urine and smell. There is no need to clean up puddles of urine with harmful cleaners, you let the grass do the work for you and switch it out. With pee pads you have to make sure that you clean them up constantly or else you will have an unbearable odor in no time. Our dog grass delivery service will make sure that you have fresh grass every week or every 2 weeks depending on your need.

Patio dog potty sizes?

For small dogs we have the small patio dog potty. This size is ideal for any small breed dog that is about 15 lbs. or less. You want to make sure that your dog has enough room to move around on their patio dog potty and pick a good spot. If they don’t have enough room they will not use it. Larger dogs over 15 lbs. or multiple small dogs would use our large patio dog potty. We currently have dogs up to 125 lbs. using our large patio dog potty.

Best Patio Dog Potty

Best Patio Dog Potty

Avoid these mistakes

Here are a few things you want to consider when thinking about using an patio dog potty:

  • Don’t use a patio dog potty made of cardboard, they leak urine and they fall apart when rained on.
  • Don’t use fake synthetic grass, dog don’t like it and you have to clean it daily to avoid having a terrible urine odor on your patio.
  • Don’t use a patio dog potty that is too small, your dog won’t use it. Any system that is 20 in x 20 in or 24 in x 16 in is too small even for a tiny breed.


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