Grass Filled Litter Box for your Dog

Grass Filled Litter Box for your Dog

Grass Filled Litter Box for your Dog

Grass Filled Liter Box for your Dog

This post is required reading for anyone considering a grass filled litter box for your dog. When you live in the city and open areas are at a minimum it is a good idea to look into getting a grass filled litter box for your dog. Whether you are buying an indoor dog potty or thinking of making one on your own we will give you some helpful tips that make the decision much easier.

We have created a grass filled litter box for your dog that is fully contained, perfectly sized for any type of dog, and comes with a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is replace the grass in your dog litter box every week or two and it will last you for years.

 Fully Self Contained

You want to make sure that your grass filled litter box for your dog is fully self contained. At the end of the day this is a litter box, you want to make sure that everything that happens in the litter box stays in the litter box. Using natural grass will help considerably because it has the ability to absorb urine and odors so you won’t have to clean up pools of urine when you replace the grass inside your litter box with new grass. Our dog litter box is constructed of a strong wood frame with an inner plastic lining that protect the wood frame from anything going on in your litter box.

Best Indoor Dog Potty

Best Indoor Dog Potty

No Fake Dog Potty Grass

DO NOT USE FAKE DOG GRASS!!! This is the worst thing you can do when you have a litter box for your dog. If you use fake synthetic dog grass you will end up with a cleaning nightmare on your hands. Fake dog grass has no ability to absorb any urine or odor. That means that you will end up with pools of urine in your dog litter box that smells terrible. At least once every two days you will have to clean the inside of your dog litter box with expensive and harmful cleaners. If you do not use very strong cleaners and deodorizers you will have a smell that takes over your entire patio area. The bottom line is that fake synthetic dog grass is super gross after only a few uses by your dog.

Want to build your own Grass Filled litter box for your dog?

If you are reading this article you most likely need a dog litter box because you live in the city in an apartment without a yard. Typically in that situation you don’t have a garage full of tools and saws that make it easy for you to build your own grass filled liter box for your dog. In that case it is so much better to purchase one. Our dog litter boxes are inexpensive and built to last. Hammering together a dog litter box at home is difficult and you can’t ensure the quality of it without the proper tools. Our dog litter boxes are made by customer furniture professionals that have been producing them for us over the last 8 years.

dog potty grass

dog potty grass

Size Matters

When considering a grass filled litter box for you dog you must be sure to get the proper size or else your dog just won’t use it properly. Dog’s really need space to move around when they are doing their “business”. I am sure you have seen this when you walk them, most dogs don’t pee at the first spot they see. If your dog does not have a litter box that is big enough for them they just won’t use it effectively or often. From our experience larger dogs need a little over 10 square fee of dog potty grass and smaller dogs need about 5 square feet of dog potty grass. We have been servicing dog potty grass clients for the last 8 years and created the sizes of our dog litter boxes based off our experiences and the feedback of customers.

These sizes are too small for any dog:

  • 16 in. x 24 in.
  • 20 in. x 20 in

You should definitely stay away from companies that offer small dog litter box sizes, you will have to replace them with a larger one if you dog is going to use it successfully. See our grass filled litter box for your dog and dog grass delivery service.

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