Apartment Dog Grass for City Living

Apartment Dog Grass

Apartment Dog Grass

What is apartment dog grass?

If you live in an apartment in the city and you own a dog you are presented with some special challenges. You have to make sure your dog gets ample exercise, make sure they are safe from cars when on walks, and you also need a solution when it comes to dog potty issues. Apartment dog grass is one option that will help you when nature calls. Sometimes your schedule gets hectic, or it’s not safe to take your dog outside in the middle of the night. Having an indoor dog potty with apartment dog grass can help.

Apartment Dog Grass in a Nutshell

When people talk about apartment dog grass there are two different kinds that they are referring to. You can have real natural apartment dog grass or fake synthetic apartment dog grass. The two are very different and will provide different results so be very careful before you make a choice. At Doggy and the City we only use real natural apartment dog grass for many reasons we will review in this article. By reading this post you will have a full understanding of apartment dog grass.

Apartment Dog Grass Potty

Apartment Dog Grass Potty

Real Natural Apartment Dog Grass

At Doggy and the City we only use real natural grass for our indoor dog potty solution. There are many reasons we use real natural grass as opposed to fake synthetic grass. From our over 8 years of experience we have seen what each type of grass is like in homes and how well dogs use it. Real grass is by far the better option and here is why:

  1. Easy to Potty Train your dog – Using natural grass to potty train your dog is much easier than fake synthetic grass. Dogs instinctively know to use natural grass when they are ready to do their business. I am sure that you have seen this many times when you walk them. They love to find that perfect spot in the grass and pee.
  2. Very Low Maintenance – The best thing about real natural apartment dog grass is that it is super absorbent. Natural grass includes both blades or grass as well as soil. The combination of the grass blades and attached soil means that it has the ability to absorb urine and odors naturally. We use real natural grass for our indoor dog potty because all you have to do is replace the grass with the help our dog grass delivery service. If you change out the grass every 7 or 14 days you are good, that’s it. With real natural apartment dog grass there is no daily cleaning needed.
  3. Affordable Dog Potty option – We have priced our indoor dog potty and dog grass ┬ádelivery service so that you are paying as much or less than buying pee pads, fake grass, and expensive cleaners. If you dog uses several pee pads per day it adds up real quick and you have to constantly clean up the area around the pads with expensive cleaners. We save you time and money with our indoor dog potty system and natural apartment dog grass.
Fake Synthetic Apartment Dog Grass

Fake Synthetic Apartment Dog Grass

Fake Synthetic Apartment Dog Grass

Over the years we have seen what happens when people make the mistake of purchasing an indoor dog potty with fake synthetic apartment dog grass. We actually replace several of these types of systems every month because people are tired of the smell, the constant cleaning, or they just can’t get their dog to use it. Here is why fake synthetic grass is just not worth it.

  1. Difficult to potty train your dog – Over and over we hear people tell us how difficult it is to get there dog to use an indoor dog potty with fake grass. Synthetic grass confuses your dog because it is very similar to other things in your house you have instructed him / her not to pee on. Even if a person can get there dog to pee on the synthetic grass they will start seeing their pup peeing on other things in the house like bath mats, door mats, rugs, etc.
  2. High Maintenance – If you do not clean the synthetic apartment dog grass every day you will immediately find yourself with a terrible urine odor problem. Synthetic grass has no absorption capabilities. The urine either dries on top of it or some of it dries on top and the rest is collected in a dirty urine tray below that you have to clean out every day.

For more information please see our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages.

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