What is the Best Dog Potty Grass

What is the best dog potty grass

What is the best dog potty grass

What is the Best Dog Potty Grass?

What is the best dog potty grass for your dog potty needs? We get asked this via email inquiries all the time. Over the last 10 years we have tried many different options when it comes to dog potty grass and we will share our experience with you. You can use our experimentation to decide on the best option for your dog potty needs.

Real Dog Potty Grass

When people ask what is the best dog potty grass we unequivocally tell them that real natural dog potty grass is the best. Real dog potty grass is super absorbent and eliminates urine odors naturally. With that being said you only want to use real dog potty grass that comes with soil attached to it. Do not use soiless dog potty grass that only has roots. In the past we used to offer the option for customers to order delivery of soiless dog potty grass and many of them complained that the roots did not provide enough absorption and they were left with the unenviable task of cleaning up excess urine. We now only use real dog potty grass with soil attached because it absorbs urine the best and alleviates any need for urine clean up maintenance.

Fake Synthetic Dog Potty Grass

When we first started our company many years we made the mistake of offering fake synthetic grass as an option for our indoor dog potty boxes. Needless to say we removed this option from our business model due to several reasons. First and foremost, synthetic fake grass has no absorption qualities at all. This means that if you use fake synthetic dog potty grass you will have to deal with pans full of urine that must be emptied somewhere in your home. The emptying and cleaning of urine pans is as disgusting as it sounds, trust me when I tell you that you will find yourself doing more cleaning than you ever thought possible. If you do not clean the synthetic dog potty grass on a daily basis you will immediately find yourself with a urine odor problem that never goes away.

What is the best dog potty grass? Well after 10 years of providing dog potty grass to the Southern California area we can say that by far the best is real dog potty grass with soil attached to it. With this grass you can be sure that you will keep maintenance to a minimum and you won’t have to deal with any nasty urine odors.







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