Why try puppy crate training?

Puppy Crate Training

Puppy Crate Training

Puppy Crate Training, why should you do it?

Puppy crate training always seems like a difficult proposition at first. You may not think so now but over time his / her crate will become a safe, private place that your pup will feel secure in. It will also become a valuable daily tool for you.

When training puppies to use our indoor dog potty and dog potty grass we find that crate training your dog is always the best tool when it comes to dog potty training. Puppy crate training means your pup will be in his crate at night. First thing in the morning, when they have the most urgency to eliminate, take them to their dog potty grass. As soon as they use it make sure you praise them verbally and offer a treat. Over the last 8 years we find this is the best method to potty training your dog.

Puppy crate training also teaches your dog to chew on toys to keep them occupied rather than your sofa. Once your puppy starts chewing on shoes, furniture, rugs, etc. it is tough to reverse that behavior.

Puppy crate training can also help with separation anxiety that is common with dogs. When in their crate the grow accustomed to being in a safe place by themselves. Separation anxiety is a major issue with dogs that can be addressed better with puppy crate training.

Do not every use the crate as a punishment tool!

When you start crating your dog at night you have to stay disciplined for the first week. Your puppy will cry initially, this will only last a short while if you stay committed. If you you go back and forth it will be even more difficult for you to move forward. After a few weeks your puppy will even start going into their crate during the day and when they know it’s time to go to bed at night.

Please be advised that it is not recommended that you crate your dog for long periods of time other than at night. If you are away from your home all day everyday than maybe dog ownership doesn’t fit your current lifestyle.

For more questions about Doggy and the City please visit our indoor dog potty and dog potty grass delivery pages!


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