How to train your dog to use an indoor dog potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

How to train your dog to use an indoor dog potty

If you are reading this you probably live in an apartment or condo and are searching for a reasonable option to deal with your dog potty needs. Training your dog to use an indoor dog potty can be quick and easy as long as you follow a few very important steps. In this article we will show you how to train your dog to use our indoor dog potty solution.

Natural dog potty grass

At Doggy and the City we use natural grass in our indoor dog potty, this makes a huge difference. Dogs are instinctively drawn to using natural grass when they do their business. Training your dog to use our indoor dog potty is much easier because we provide natural grass as opposed to fake synthetic grass. When training your dog with natural grass you are working with his/her natural instincts not against them. Most dogs take to the natural grass immediately while others take a quick week of training at the most.

Start a dog potty routine

Dogs love routines! The best way to train you dog to use our indoor dog potty is by creating a dog potty routine that works. After 7 years of doing business in the Southern California area we have seen several different methods people have used to train their dogs. With that being said, the best way we have seen is to create a morning routine for your dog. Each morning, when your dog has the most urgency to go pee, you want to take your dog directly to the box as soon as they get up. By doing this you are taking advantage of their need to pee to help you easily train them to pee where you want them to, in the dog potty box.

Verbal Praise

Once you have taken your dog to the indoor dog potty in the morning use a positive voice to give them a keyword for encouragement. This could be something like “go potty” or something like that. Remember to make sure that you use a positive tone so that they associate the experience with a good feeling not a forced situation. Once they pee on the indoor dog potty make sure to immediately praise them verbally and give the a pet so they have some positive reinforcement.

Stick with it

As we said above, most dogs take to the natural grass immediately with no issues. If your dog does need a bit of training just make sure that you stick with the morning routine and everything will work out great. You can also use treats along with verbal praise if needed to give your training an extra little kick of enthusiasm. Our outdoor / indoor dog potty boxes are by far the most affordable dog potty solution on the market and training your dog to use our dog potty boxes is very easy when you follow the time tested advice mentioned above.

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