Tim Flach Dogs Portrait book is the greatest

Tim Flach Dogs

Tim Flach Dogs

Tim Flach Dogs portrait book is another success for this great photographer

Photographer Tim Flach’s portrait book “Dogs” presents a striking look at men’s best (and perhaps earliest) friend in dozens of full-color and dynamic photographs that serve to capture the true loving and free-spirited essence of our canine pals. Sure to be one of the most popular and sought after dog-based photography collection to date, Flach’s the images peppered throughout the book are made up of dogs of all breeds, colors, sizes, and shapes, and many of the beautiful subjects’ backgrounds are fleshed out as well—from those rescued at shelters to those strutting their way down the line at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show!

Additionally, Flach has another similar book, “More than Human,” which consists of even more striking images of animals that showcase traits that appear, one would think, more often in man than in beast. Snapping frames of bats, gorillas, tigers, manta rays, and… you guessed it… dogs!!!, it’s clear that the London-based photo wizard painstakingly made efforts to capture some of the most beautiful – and some of the more creepy-crawlie – creatures in still shots that convey a range of feelings and actions not typically linked to our animal brethren.

Tim Flach Dogs

Tim Flach Dogs

What’s really cool about many of Flach’s photos is their candid quality, which seems to bring with it a raw sense of emotion that I’m sure all of us members of the human race can undoubtedly relate to. While some of you out there may cozy up to your favorite pooch at night, those of you with young children know how difficult it can be to make them sit still for a photo—and they speak the same language as you do! I can’t even imagine the methods Flach used to prompt some of these dogs – not to mention some of the other more unwieldy beasts – in his books to do the things they did… But, on second thought, it may be worth reaching out to him to find out what miracle “treat” he keeps in his pocket to make these dogs smile so often.

To snag your own copy of Flach’s “Dogs” and to read some of the raving reviews of his work, check it out at Barnes & Nobel

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