Real potty grass for dogs in apartments

Real Potty Grass for Dogs

Real Potty Grass for Dogs

Why real potty grass for dogs?

If you are reading this you are most likely searching for the right indoor dog potty solution for your home. Real potty grass for dogs is most ideal solution for you and your dog. With real potty grass for dogs you will avoid daily cleaning and you dog will love using it. When you use real potty grass for dogs you getting the best of both worlds.

Dogs love real grass

The most important reason to use real potty grass for dogs is because that is what they love to pee on. Because dogs love using real grass you will have no difficulty training your dog to use their new indoor dog potty and grass. Some dog potty solutions only use fake synthetic grass that dogs just won’t use. Dogs are instinctively drawn to using real natural grass so synthetic grass or paper pee pads can be confusing and lead to them peeing on other household items.

Real Potty Grass for Dogs

Real Potty Grass for Dogs

Low Maintenance

Using real potty grass for dogs will liberate you from the hassle of daily patio and floor cleaning. When you use paper pee pads you are constantly cleaning them up to avoid odor and spilling on your floors. Fake synthetic grass must be cleaned every day to avoid horrible urine odors. Real natural grass absorbs urine and odors naturally, doing the work for you. Urine is absorbed into the soil that is attached to the grass. This means all you have to do is change out the grass at least every two weeks. Other than changing the grass on a regular basis you have no other routine maintenance, it’s that easy!

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