Potty training with real dog potty grass

Real Dog Potty Grass

Real Dog Potty Grass

Real dog potty grass for puppy potty training

Real dog potty grass is the best solution for your dog potty needs when living in an apartment with your dog. Puppy potty training with real dog potty grass is the easiest way to teach your dog the dog potty rules in your home. Puppy potty training on newspaper, paper pee pads, or synthetic grass just creates more work for you and terrible results. In this post we will show you why real dog potty grass works the best for puppy potty training.

Dog’s love real dog potty grass

One thing is true, dog’s are instinctively drawn to peeing on fresh natural grass. You have seen this many times when you walk your dog. Our indoor dog potty is filled with real dog potty grass that dogs love to use. Fake synthetic grass and pee pads can be confusing for your dog. These materials are similar to other household items in your home that you don’t want you dog to urinate on. These items include door mats, rugs, bath mats, and many more. Instead of working against your dog’s natural instincts it is much easier to use real dog potty grass and work with your dog.

Real Dog Potty Grass

Real Dog Potty Grass

Low Maintenance

Real dog potty grass is the perfect absorbent for dog urine and odor. Fake synthetic grass and pee pads require daily cleaning because they have no ability to absorb anything. If you don’t clean fake synthetic grass and pee pads on a daily basis you will have a terrible odor to deal with. Real dog potty grass has soil attached to it that will absorb urine and odor naturally. This means there is no need for daily cleaning. All you have to do is change out the grass at least every 14 days and that’s it.

Convenient Dog Grass Delivery

In order to keep your indoor dog potty fresh and clean we provide customers with our convenient dog grass delivery service. We work with local farms to deliver fresh grass from the farm to your door is just a few hours. For more information, please visit our indoor dog potty and real dog potty grass pages.



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