Indoor potty solution with the real dog grass patch

Real Grass Dog Patch

Real Grass Dog Patch

Use a real dog grass patch for best results

When you are deciding on your own indoor dog potty solution there is really only one choice. A real dog grass patch is the only thing that your dog will love to use and you will not have to clean up on a daily basis. All of the fake synthetic dog grass patch products out there don’t work and end up costing you more time and money with daily cleaning.

The real dog grass patch absorbs urine

When using a real dog grass patch all of the urine and odors are absorbed naturally. Fake synthetic grass products must be cleaned daily to avoid smell. Cleaning daily not only costs you time but you also have to use harsh cleaners that are expensive and bad for your dog. In order to keep your real dog grass patch clean all you have to do is change out the grass every 14 days or so, that’s it.

Dogs love real grass

When you walk your dog you can see how much they love to pee on real grass. This is the reason that dogs will use their indoor dog potty with real grass in it. Fake synthetic indoor dog potty products confuse dogs and don’t work. Using a real dog grass patch will make training your dog easy because they are naturally drawn to it.

Real Dog Grass Patch

Real Dog Grass Patch

Real dog grass patch delivery service

Our dog grass delivery service makes it very easy for you to keep your indoor dog potty clean and healthy for your dog. We will conveniently deliver locally grown farm fresh grass to your door for you. No running out to Home Depot at the crack of dawn to purchase grass before the landscapers take it all. We deliver dog grass on a a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on your needs. We also provide a full service option for those of you that would prefer us doing the grass change for you.

For more information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages.


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