Common questions for new dog owners

Doggy and the City Indoor Dog Potty

Doggy and the City Indoor Dog Potty

Good questions for new dog owners

We wanted to cover a few common questions for new dog owners so you can have a better understanding of what you new puppy needs to be happy and healthy!

Should I vaccinate my dog?

Vets recommend that dogs should be vaccinated against all serious diseases. These include Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis. If not vaccinated, your dog can get these viruses from other dogs while on walks or playing at the park. Most vets advise that the best time begin vaccinating your dog is at 12 weeks. It is important that your puppy receives every round of injections to prevent disease.

 So my dog will be safe from viruses after vaccination?

Yes but you must make sure that your dog receives the proper booster vaccinations on an annual basis.

Should I neuter my dog?

By neutering your dog you will prevent a potential increase in unwanted animals on the streets. These unwanted dogs are often euthanized by city animal control. Controlling unwanted breeding is essential to the care of all animals. Also, dogs that are neutered are less likely to develop certain cancers and they are typically less aggressive.

Can I give my dog home cooked food?

You can feed your dogs home cooked food but this type of diet does not typically provide your dog with all the nutritional value they need. The best bet is to feed your dog a combination of dry dog food with a little soft dog food to peak their appetite.

Should my dog get annual checkups from the vet?

It is ideal to have your dog examined a vet at least once a year when they get their booster shots. There are obviously regular maintenance that you must be aware of as well. This includes checking for overgrown nails, in particular their dew claw. Be sure to check their teeth for early sign of gum disease and brush their teeth. Always be on the lookout for skin problems and fleas as well.

Please be advised to always seek the opinion of a veterinarian before making any decisions in regards to the health of your dog.

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