Puppy grass pad for potty training

Puppy Grass Pad

Puppy Grass Pad

How to use a puppy grass pad for potty training

Using a puppy grass pad can make puppy potty training a breeze. Potty training a puppy can be an adventure to say the least. Young dogs need to pee on almost an hourly basis at the start. If you live in an apartment this can mean many trips downstairs and out to the front lawn. A puppy grass pad will give you a convenient option. Also, our puppy grass pad is filled with real dog potty grass. This means that your dog will learn properly what to pee on. Using pee pads and synthetic grass confuses dogs and leads to more trouble.

The Natural Puppy Grass Pad

We only use natural grass in our puppy grass pad. Dogs are naturally drawn to peeing on real grass so training them becomes very easy. Instead of having to take your puppy out every hour you can train them more conveniently in their very own backyard in a box. Natural grass is also the best absorbent of urine and odor so you won’t have to worry about daily cleaning of your floors and carpets.

Puppy Grass Pad

Puppy Grass Pad

Proper Puppy Potty Training

Using a puppy grass pad leads to proper puppy potty training. When puppies are trained to pee on pee pads, newspaper, or synthetic grass they become confused. Pee pads and synthetic grass are often associated with other household items you don’t want them urinating on. Many dogs trained on pee pads or synthetic grass end up urinating on other things around the house including rugs, bat mats, door ┬ámats, and towels. Proper puppy potty training starts with using a natural puppy grass pad. You dog will learn that is only correct to pee on real grass, not your house.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery

In order to keep your puppy grass pad clean all you have to do is change out the grass at least every 14 days. With our dog potty grass delivery service we make that easy. We conveniently delivery farm fresh real dog potty grass to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Need some more information? Please visit our puppy grass pad and dog potty grass delivery service pages!


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