Potty Patch for Dogs in apartments

Potty Patch for Dogs

Potty Patch for Dogs

Potty Patch for Dogs

Using the potty patch for dogs is the answer to dog potty problems that arise when living in an apartment. Without a yard to do their business many issues can arise. The potty patch for dogs is like a backyard in a box that provides both dogs and owners with a great option. Our potty patch for dogs and dog grass delivery service makes living in an apartment with your dog a breeze.

Picking the right size

When using a potty patch ¬†for dogs it is important to make sure you have a size that is appropriate for you dog. If the grass potty patch is too small your dog will just not use it. Fortunately we have created two sizes that cover both large and small breed dogs. Our potty patch for dogs was designed to give dogs the room they need to move around. When you walk your dog it is easy to see that they like to pick just the right spot. If you dog doesn’t have enough room he just won’t use his grass potty patch effectively. Our small potty patch and large potty patch offer the flexibility you need in order to provide your dog with enough space.

Potty Patch for Dogs

Potty Patch for Dogs

Natural Dog Potty Grass

We only use real natural dog potty grass in our potty patch for dogs. Fake synthetic dog potty grass has no ability to absorb urine and smells after only one use. Real grass with soil has the ability to absorb urine and odor so you don’t have to clean your potty patch on a daily basis. All you need to do is change out the grass at least every 14 days, that’s it. Using a potty patch for dogs with real natural grass is very low maintenance.

Our dog grass delivery service will conveniently deliver a fresh grass package to your door every 7 or 14 days depending on your need. This makes changing the grass in your potty patch very easy.

Dog’s Love It

Most importantly, dogs love peeing on natural grass. You probably see this every time you walk them. Training you pup to use a potty patch for dogs is easy because they already love peeing on real grass. Our product works particularly well when it comes to puppy potty training.

For more information please visit our potty patch and dog grass delivery pages!


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