Check out Pino the Toy Poodle on Instagram

Pino the Toy Poodle on Instagram

Pino the Toy Poodle on Instagram

Pino the Toy Poodle on Instagram

Born in January 2011, Pino is a toy poodle that resides across the Pacific in Japan. According to her Instagram, she enjoys “eating and running on the grass,” but it looks like she has quite the penchant as a canine model as well, and her page is filled with adorable and hilarious images of her in numerous outfits and settings.

One of the cool things about poodles is the ability to expertly shape and square off their thick, curly hair into a variety of different “looks”! Though traditionally poodles are groomed for a more “square” and angular appearance, the possibilities might be endless—though hopefully you’d always make sure to snip and quaff in your dog’s best interests! If not, you may be reprimanded, because though poodles are typically cheerful and sweet, they’re also extremely intelligent and are sure to snap back at a human who they deem less “companion” and more “servant.”

Poodles – like their hairstyles – have the ability to adapt to both city or country living; however, they do need a bit of exercise as they are quite an active breed. Long walks down one of Manhattan’s busiest streets or a gravel road with a nice cool breeze would do them nicely and keep them satisfied and healthy, and they do enjoy a nice area to jump around and play in as well. While the exact origin of the word “poodle” isn’t known, it may come from the German word for “one who plays in water: “pudel.” This is probably the case since the poodle is known to be a descendent of the French water hound, and also does have an affinity to play in any puddles that they may come across.

To check out more of Pino’s pics and to further your desire to pick up a toy poodle pet of your own, check out her Instagram:

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