Pet Potty Grass for your apartment

Pet Potty Grass

Pet Potty Grass

Pet Potty Grass for apartment living

Living in an apartment with your dog in the city can present some difficult issues. Pet potty grass for your dog can solve at least one issue. When you use the indoor dog potty box and pet potty grass you have the ultimate dog potty solution. Using pet potty grass eliminates daily patio and carpet cleaning due to “accidents”. Are you unable to take your dog on late night walks? Pet potty grass provides another option for you and your dog. Here are a few reasons why pet potty grass is a great dog potty solution.

Pet Potty Grass absorbs urine and odor

Using fake potty grass or paper pee pads leads to daily cleaning with harmful and expensive cleaners. Daily cleaning is necessary to avoid odors due to the fact that synthetic grass and pee pads have no ability to absorb urine. With our natural pet potty grass all you have to do is change the grass on a regular basis. Our pet potty grass will help you avoid daily cleaning and the headache of dealing with dog urine odor.

Pet Potty Grass

Pet Potty Grass

Dog’s love natural grass

The bottom line is that dog’s love using natural grass to do their business. Our natural pet potty grass is farm fresh and delivered to your door within hours of being cut. Dog’s are instinctively drawn to using natural grass, making it easy for you to train your dog. Instead of using fake grass or paper pee pads you should work with your dog’s natural instincts and use natural pet potty grass.

Dog Grass Delivery Service

Our dog grass delivery service will make it easy for you to keep your indoor dog potty filled with fresh natural grass. We deliver fresh natural dog potty grass to your door on a weekly ( every 7 days ) or bi-weekly basis ( every 14 days ). With our full service option we can also change our your dog potty grass for you. For information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages!



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