Buying a pet grass potty for your dog

Dog grass pad for balcony

Dog grass pad for balcony

Using a pet grass potty

When looking for a pet grass potty for your dog there are a few things that need to be taken into account. After over 7 years of experience we have seen ¬†works and what doesn’t work. Living in an apartment or condo with your dog can present some unique circumstances. Our dog pet grass potty was created to help solve your dog potty issues. This article will walk you through what to consider when purchasing a dog pet grass potty.

Natural Grass or Synthetic Dog Potty Grass?

We only use natural grass in our pet grass potty. We use real grass for two very big reasons. First, dogs love using natural grass to pee. This makes training your dog to use their pet grass potty very easy. When you use synthetic grass it is much more difficult and often times impossible to train your dog. Secondly, real grass is the best  absorbent of dog urine and odor. Using a pet grass potty with synthetic grass leads to extra work. A synthetic pet grass potty must be cleaned daily in order to avoid terrible urine odors.

Pet Grass Potty Size

When deciding on a dog potty solution you must be sure to pick one that is big enough for your dog to use. All of the other pet grass potty products out there are just too small for even the smallest dog. Dogs don’t just pick the first spot they see, they like to move around and pick the right spot to pee. You have probably witnessed this many times when on walks. Our pet grass potty sizes are the largest and best suited for dogs.

Pet Grass Potty

Pet Grass Potty

Pet Grass Potty Quality

Our product is made here in the Untied States and designed to handle even large dogs over 100 lbs. The Doggy and the City is pet grass potty is built with a durable wood frame that contains a thick inner plastic liner. Many other indoor dog potty solution are made of plastic and even cardboard. These products break, tear, and fall apart after just a few days or weeks of use. Worst of all they move under the weight of most dogs leading to the dog avoiding them.

For more information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service pages.





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