Natural Indoor Grass for Dogs in Los Angeles

Natural Indoor Grass for Dogs

Natural Indoor Grass for Dogs

Why use natural indoor grass for dogs?

Natural indoor grass for dogs is the perfect dog potty solution for many reasons. First and foremost, dog love it! They are used to using natural grass on walks so using it as an indoor dog potty solution is perfect. Secondly, natural indoor grass for dogs is the best absorbent of dog urine and odors. When using pee pads and synthetic grass there is nothing to absorb urine and odors. This means that you have to clean the dog potty area on a daily basis. Putting it lightly, that just isn’t fun.

Potty training with natural indoor grass for dogs

The bottom line is that real grass is preferred by dogs. Your dog is instinctually drawn to using real grass, not some artificial substitute. Potty training your dog on paper pee pads or fake synthetic grass just confuses your dog. Using natural indoor grass for dogs works because it mimics what they do on walks. When you use pee pads or synthetic grass your dog will begin urinating on other similar items in your house like door mats, rugs, bath mats, etc. Since 2006 we have been providing dog owners in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with natural indoor grass for dogs. It is by far the easiest puppy potty training and dog potty solution for dog owners living in apartments.

Low Maintenance

When you use other dog potty methods there is a lot of daily maintenance that comes with it. Pee pads must be cleaned up after they are used and urine often spills over onto your floor. Synthetic grass must be scrubbed due to urine settling into it and drying. If you don’t clean these daily or a few times a day you will end up dealing with very strong urine odors. Natural indoor grass for dogs absorbs urine and odor into it’s soil. This means there is no need to clean it daily. Just replace the grass every 14 days and you are all set. If you dog uses their indoor dog potty grass as the primary place they urinate then you may want to have it changed out more frequently.



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