Why use a natural grass dog potty?

Natural Grass Dog Potty

Natural Grass Dog Potty

The natural grass dog potty solution

There are few very big differences between a natural grass dog potty and a synthetic grass dog potty. A natural grass dog potty works best for any dog and it does not require constant daily cleaning like a fake synthetic dog potty. It is also much easier to train your dog to use natural grass. In this post we will cover the major differences between a natural grass dog potty and a synthetic grass dog potty.

Easy to train

Training your dog to use natural grass is easy because they are instinctively drawn to using it. When you walk your dog you can see how they love to pee on real grass. Due to this natural instinct it is very easy to train your dog. Most dogs take to it immediately while others take a few days of simple training to pick it up. Fake synthetic grass confuses dogs and leads to them urinating on other household items like rugs, door mats, towels, and bath mats.

Low Maintenance

Our natural grass dog potty requires very little maintenance on your part. Because the natural grass is super absorbent you never have to scrub the grass surface or clean out any nasty urine pans. All you have to do is change out the natural grass on a regular basis and that’s it. Our dog grass delivery service will make changing the grass in your natural grass dog potty easy.

The perfect size

Our natural grass dog potty comes in two different sizes that are perfect for any size dogs. Many indoor dog potty products are way too small. When an indoor dog potty is too small your dog just won’t use it. Dogs like to move around on an area and pick the perfect spot to do their business, without enough space they won’t do it.

Make sure you avoid the following indoor dog potty sizes:

  • 24 in. x 16 in.
  • 20 in . x 20 in.
  • 17 in. x 27 in.
  • 27 in. x 34 in.

The sizes listed above are just too small for even the tiniest dogs to use properly. Don’t wast money with these very small indoor dog potty products.

For more information please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages!





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