Natural dog potty grass, everything you need to know

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Natural dog potty grass facts

If you are looking for a dog potty solution nothing is better than natural dog potty grass. If you are reading this article you may be searching for some answers about using natural dog potty grass in your home. We have been providing dog owners with natural dog potty grass since 2006. In this post we will give you all the facts about natural dog potty grass you need to know.

Dog’s love to pee on natural dog potty grass

Every time you walk your dog you can see that they love to pee on natural grass. We use locally grown natural dog potty grass for our indoor dog potty box. Using real grass works with your dog’s natural instinct so training your dog to use natural dog potty grass is easy. As long as you change our the natural grass in your indoor dog potty on a regular basis you don’t need to do any maintenance.

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Dog potty grass is low maintenance

If you are tired of cleaning up dog urine on your patio or floors natural dog potty grass is the answer. Real grass has the ability to absorb urine and odor in the blades and attached soil. This means that you won’t have to do any urine clean up to avoid terrible odors. Using paper pee pads or synthetic grass will end up costing you time and money with clean up duty.

Dog Grass Delivery

Doggy and the City delivers dog grass to our clients on a regular basis to ensure that your indoor dog potty stays fresh and clean. Our dog potty grass is grown locally and delivered fresh to our clients on a weekly ( every 7 days ) or bi-weekly ( every 14 days ) basis. Real dog potty grass can make your dog potty problems a thing of the past. For more information visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages.


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