Large indoor dog potty box made for big dogs

Large Indoor Dog Potty Box

Large Indoor Dog Potty Box

What is the size of your large indoor dog potty box?

Our large indoor dog potty box was designed for large dogs that need more room to do their business.

Large Indoor Dog Potty Box Dimensions:

2 ft 9 in x 4 ft 3 in

We created the large indoor dog potty box because big dogs just need more space and all of the typical indoor dog potty products are just way too small.

Size Matters

When choosing a indoor dog potty for a large dog you have to be sure that you give them plenty of room or else they just won’t use it, plain and simple. Our large indoor dog potty provides your big dog with over 10 sq ft of fresh natural dog potty grass. That is plenty of room for your dog to move around and pick their spot, but also enough grass to absorb the urine of a large dog.

Large Indoor Dog Potty Box

Large Indoor Dog Potty Box

Made to last

All of our products are made here in Los Angeles by professional furniture makers. We do not use cardboard dog potty boxes like other companies. Cardboard grass dog potty boxes that get mailed to you leak all over your floor and fall apart after only one week. A larger dog can really put some wear and tear on an indoor dog potty and we have made our box sturdy enough to handle the demands. Our indoor dog potty boxes are delivered fully assembled by our delivery staff and are built for any type of conditions. They are made of a wooden frame with an inner plastic liner.

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