Large Grass Dog Potty for bigger dogs

Large Grass Dog Potty

Large Grass Dog Potty

Doggy and the City large grass dog potty

We know that most indoor dog potty products will not work with medium and large sized dogs. The Doggy and the City large grass dog potty was specifically designed to cater to these ¬†dogs. Most indoor dog potty sizes out there are just too small for a normal do to use. Dogs like room to move around and pick a spot to do their business. If they do not have this room they just won’t use their grass dog potty.

Large grass dog potty size

We created the large grass dog potty because we saw that people with dogs over 20 lbs. needed a dog potty solution. Living in an apartment with a dog can be tough, but with a larger dog it presents even more issues. Each week we have people order our large grass dog potty to replace and indoor dog potty they purchased that is just too small. Don’t wast time and money on small indoor dog potty products. Our large grass dog potty is the perfect size needed:

  • 4 ft 3 in x 2 ft 9 in
  • 10 square feet of natural grass
  • Made in USA
Large Grass Dog Potty

Large Grass Dog Potty

Stay away from these dog potty sizes

We started Doggy and the City in 2006, since then many companies have popped up with indoor dog potty solutions. All of these products are designed to be cheaply made to reap greater profits. Making a large grass dog potty just doesn’t make sense for most companies, but it makes total sense for you and your dog. If you really want your dog to consistently use their indoor dog potty be sure to stay away from these sizes:

  • 20 in x 20 in
  • 24 in x 16 in
  • 17 in x 27 in
  • 27 in x 34 in

All of the sizes mentioned above are just too small for any dog to use on a regular basis. When you walk your dog you can see how much they like to move around before they do their business. With the above mentioned sizes that is literally impossible.


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