Bigger dogs need a large dog potty grass

Large Dog Potty Grass

Large Dog Potty Grass

Use a large dog potty grass area for your big dog

Some people will tell you that you can use any size indoor dog potty box for your dog no matter what the size. That is definitely not the case and people usually spend time and money figuring that out. Big dogs must have a large dog potty grass area or they won’t use it effectively. Large dogs present many issues when it comes to a dog potty solution for you home. At Doggy and the City we are the experts in dog potty grass for large dogs.

Dog Potty Grass Size Matters!

There are many companies out there that provide indoor dog potty solutions, all of them are way too small for a big dog. Your big dog needs a large dog potty grass area so they have room to move around and pick their spot. They also need a large dog potty grass area in order to provide enough urine and odor absorption for then needs of a bigger dog. Make sure you stay away from small cardboard dog potty solutions that come in the mail.


  • 24 in x 20 inĀ 
  • 24 in x 16 in

These sizes are just way too small for large dogs, they won’t use them and they will leak due to the large volume of urine produced by larger dogs. Our large indoor dog potty provides a large dog potty grass area for bigger dogs. The large indoor dog potty from Doggy and the City is 2 ft 9 in wide and 4 ft 3 in long. This provides your large dog with over 10 sq ft of dog potty grass.

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Use natural dog potty grass

There are many companies out there that provide a dog potty solution using synthetic fake dog potty grass. These products don’t even work for small dogs, let alone large dogs with lots of urine. Dogs are confused by fake synthetic grass and you will have to clean it everyday to make sure that the urine smell does not take over your entire patio, balcony, or home. Using natural grass is the only option when providing your dog with a large dog potty grass area. Real natural grass will absorb all the urine and odor and you don’t have to clean it, All you have to do is change out the natural grass on a regular basis. The Doggy and the City dog grass delivery service will conveniently deliver fresh natural dog potty grass to your door every 7 or 14 days depending on your need.

Self contained large dog potty grass area

Our indoor dog potty box makes it possible for you to have a large dog potty grass area that is fully contained. We have seen many people over the years try different types of products and DIY methods that always fail. Be sure not to use one of the following solutions:

  • Plastic sheet on the ground
  • Indoor dog potty with urine tray
  • A piece of plywood with grass on top
  • An indoor dog potty made of cardboard

These products and DIY methods are a waste of time and money. They will lead to extra cleaning and your dog will not have enough room to move around on them. Our affordable indoor dog potty will cut out all the guess work, and save your time and money.

For more information visit our indoor dog potty box and dog grass delivery pages!




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