Large Dog Litter Box for big dogs

Large Dog Litter Box

Large Dog Litter Box

The large dog litter box

At Doggy and the City we understand that big dogs need a large dog litter box. Small dog litter box products just don’t work for larger breed dogs. Our large dog litter box gives your big dog ( over 50 lbs. ) enough room to move around and use the space easily. Our large dog litter box provides your dog with over 10 sq. ft. or fresh natural grass that they will love.

Large Dog Litter Box Size

Dogs need space to move around before they do their business. When you walk your dog you can see that they don’t just pee on the first spot they see. They like to move around, sniff the ground in a few places, and then pee. If you have a dog litter box that is too small for your dog they just won’t use it. Our large dog litter box gives big dogs plenty of room to do their business. Our large dog litter box is 2 ft 9 in wide x 4 ft 3 in long. At Doggy and the City we have been proving dog litter box service to owners of large dogs since 2006.

Large Dog Litter Box

Large Dog Litter Box

Real Natural Dog Potty Grass

Our large dog litter box is filled with real natural grass. Only real natural dog potty grass has the ability to absorb the volume of urine produced by a large dog. Fake synthetic dog potty grass and dog pee pads have no ability to absorb urine. With dog pee pads you will find yourself cleaning you floor daily from urine run off and picking up pee pads soaked with urine. Synthetic grass required daily scrubbing to avoid odor and emptying of urine filled pans. With our real dog potty grass all you have to do is replace the grass at least every 2 weeks. The grass and attached soil will absorb the urine so when you discard of the old grass you are discarding the urine.

Dog Litter Box Training

Dogs are instinctively drawn to peeing on natural grass. This means that training your dog to use their dog litter box is fast and easy. You are working with your dogs natural instincts not against them. Most dogs take to their litter box immediately while some need a few days of training.

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