Large dog indoor potty problems?

Large Dog Indoor Potty Box

Large Dog Indoor Potty Box

Large Dog Indoor Potty Box

Are you dealing with large dog indoor potty issues in your home? Living with a large dog in an apartment or condo can be a difficult situation. Larger dogs typically need more exercise and require higher levels of activity. They also ideally need a lawn or backyard to do their “business”. Our large dog indoor potty box is the perfect solution for your dog potty needs. We created our large dog indoor potty box over 7 years ago to make living with your large breed dog easier. In this article we will show you why your dog will love our large dog indoor potty box.

Large Dog Indoor Potty

Large Dog Indoor Potty

Size Matters

Large dogs need enough space to move around and feel comfortable or else they just won’t use any indoor dog potty solution. Our large dog indoor potty box is created to give your large breed box over 10 sq. ft. of fresh natural grass to use. There are some small indoor dog potty products on the market that are just too small for any sized dog use. We have over 500 dogs using our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service each month. Of these clients, over 60% of them are dogs over 50 lbs.

Natural Dog Potty Grass

Large dogs naturally produce more urine than smaller breed dogs. In order to handle the job of absorbing this urine you must use the strongest natural grass available. We work with local farms to provide our customers with fresh natural grass that stands up to the wear a tear of a large dog. Our dog potty grass comes with not only the blades of grass but also absorbent soil attached to it. This soil is the perfect natural absorbent for dog urine and odor. Also, dogs love using natural grass to do their “business” on so training your dog will be easy. Our dog grass delivery service will ensure that your indoor dog potty box is full of fresh grass on a regular basis.

For more information, please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages!


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