The Large Dog Grass Pad for big dogs

Large Dog Grass Pad

Large Dog Grass Pad

Using a Large Dog Grass Pad for big dogs

When you have a big dog you need a large dog grass pad. Most dog grass pad products are way too small for even a tiny dog. We created our large dog grass pad because bigger dogs need much more grass than smaller dogs. When you live in an apartment with a big dog you are presented with dog potty issues that can be hard to deal with. The large dog grass pad will make life much more convenient.

Real Dog Grass Pad

Our large dog grass pad is filled with real natural grass. Dogs love real grass and they are instinctively drawn to using natural grass when the urinate. This fact makes it very easy to train your dog to use their large dog grass pad. Fake synthetic grass is foreign to dogs and almost impossible to train them to use. Since 2006 we have been providing dog owners with real natural grass for their dog grass pad.

Large Dog Grass Pad

Large Dog Grass Pad

Dog Grass Pad size matters

Dogs need room to move around when they are doing their “business”. When you walk your dog I am sure you have noticed how your dog sniffs and searches for just the right spot. Our large dog grass pad will provide your dog with over 10 sq. ft. of fresh natural grass. If your dog grass pad is not big enough your dog just won’t use it, plain and simple. Over the years we have had hundreds of large dogs use our product. Even dogs over 80 lbs. can use the large dog grass pad effectively.

Low Maintenance

Using the dog grass pad with natural grass is very low maintenance. Instead of worrying about daily patio and floor cleaning. Our fresh natural grass will absorb all urine and odor naturally. This means that you have nothing to deal with except for changing out the grass at least once every 14 days. Our dog grass delivery service will conveniently delivery fresh dog grass to your door.

For more information please visit our dog grass pad and dog grass delivery pages.


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