Large dog grass litter box for apartment living

Large Dog Grass Litter Box

Large Dog Grass Litter Box

Doggy and the City large dog grass litter box

Large dogs need more room, this applies to everything. The need a bigger dog bed, more room to run around, etc. When it comes to a dog litter box it is very important that a bigger breed dog use a large dog grass litter box. If a large dog does not have enough room to move around before they dog their “business”, they won’t use their dog litter box.

Since 2006 we have been providing big dogs with our large dog grass litter box service. We know that big dogs need more space to move and more grass to absorb urine. We created our large dog grass litter box specifically for big dogs living in apartments. With over 10 square feet of fresh natural grass, large dogs have plenty of room to take care of things.

Large Dog Grass Litter Box Design

We design our dog grass litter boxes to stand the test of time. Made here in Los Angeles they are produced by professional furniture makers. Each box has a heavy duty inner plastic liner to ensure that our dog grass litter boxes are fully self-contained. There is no need to worry about any mess on your patio or balcony with our well constructed design.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery

Our dog potty grass delivery will ensure that your large dog grass litter box is filled with fresh natural grass. Our service will deliver locally grown farm fresh grass to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Instead of cleaning up a mess of urine on a daily basis, you just have to replace the natural grass in your dog grass litter box. Let the natural grass absorb the urine and odor so you don’t have to!



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