The best indoor grass for dogs in the city

Indoor grass for dogs

Indoor grass for dogs

Use the best indoor grass for dogs

If you are looking into using an indoor dog potty as a solution to living in the city with your dog make sure you use the right grass. At Doggy and the City we use the best indoor grass for dogs. Choosing the right indoor dog potty is a big decision so be sure to not waste time with fake synthetic grass solutions.

Real natural indoor grass for dogs

We use natural indoor grass for dogs in our indoor dog potty system. Real grass is perfect for an indoor dog potty because dog’s love it. When you walk your dog they are always using natural grass to pee on. Also, natural grass is the perfect absorbent of urine and urine odor. Our grass is locally grown and delivered to our customers the within hours of being cut. Dogs love our fresh grass and it will make dog potty issues a thing of the past.

Real Indoor Grass for Dogs

Real Indoor Grass for Dogs

Low maintenance

Natural indoor grass for dogs requires little or no maintenance to avoid odor. Fake synthetic grass requires daily cleaning with harsh chemical to avoid odor. In order to keep your indoor dog potty clean and odor free you just have to change the natural grass on a regular basis. We recommend that indoor grass for dogs should be changed out at least every 14 days.

Dog Grass Delivery Service

Our dog grass delivery service will provide you with fresh indoor grass for dogs. Doggy and the City delivers fresh grass for your indoor dog potty on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on your need. Dog grass delivery is available in Los Angeles and Orange County of Southern California. For more information on our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service.


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