Indoor Dog Potty – Why use it?

Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Why do people use an indoor dog potty?

The indoor dog potty has become an essential tool for dog owners living in apartments or condos that have no backyard. It is an all around clean and easy solution to your dog potty needs. While that is all good and fine what are the reasons that people use an indoor dog potty?

– Dog owners potty training puppies – Our natural grass pee pads make it easy to work with your dogs natural instincts to potty train them easily in no time. Dogs are naturally attracted to urinating on grass making your job much easier.

– Dog owners with very busy schedules – Owning a dog can be tough when you have a hectic schedule and no yard for your dog to use. The indoor dog potty that is placed on a balcony or patio makes it easy for your dog to do their “business” even when you get caught running late getting home from the office.

– Dog owners living in high rises – Living in a high rise building definitely has it’s pros and cons. When you own a dog in a high rise building this means going down 10 – 15 floors in an elevator every time your dog needs a bathroom break. Although we definitely recommend you walk and exercise your dog often, there are times that you just want an easy dog potty option.

– Dog owners dealing with extreme weather conditions – You and your dog do not enjoy going out in the rain, sleet, snow, and in some parts of the east coast, blizzards! The indoor dog potty offers another option for you and your dog when the weather conditions make it difficult to go outside.

– Dog owners with new puppies – When you get a new puppy it is very important that you keep them away from anything harmful prior to them receiving their vaccinations. Our grass is delivered fresh from the farm so your puppy won’t be exposed to any of cannel cough, bordatella, etc. that can be contracted from grass that is frequented by other dogs in the neighborhood.

– Dog owners with older dogs – Older dogs have a much more difficult time getting up and down stairs several times a day due to hip issues and just plain old age. The indoor dog potty is an easy solution for older dogs with health issues.


Our indoor dog potty boxes come in two sizes for your convenience






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