Indoor Dog Potty Turf for your dog

Indoor Dog Potty Turf

Indoor Dog Potty Turf

What is indoor dog potty turf?

When people talk about indoor dog potty turf they are referring to two types of indoor dog potty grass that is available on the market. Currently you can use fake synthetic dog grass or real natural dog potty grass. These two option are very different and yield completely different outcomes when you are not only potty training your dog but also when it comes to daily maintenance. In this post we will provide you with the differences in these two based on a couple very important aspects of owning an indoor dog potty system.

Dog Potty Training Ease

The most important thing to think about when using an indoor dog potty is deciding what indoor dog potty turf will make it easier for you to train your dog. Natural indoor dog potty turf is much easier to train your dog to use. This is without a doubt the resounding truth when it comes to dog potty training. Fake synthetic grass is foreign to dogs and confuses them with other things in your house. Dogs are naturally drawn to use real grass, as you have probably seen on every walk you take them on. Training them to use their new indoor dog potty is much easier when you are using natural grass because they use already when they go on walks. Fake indoor dog potty turf is just like door mat or rug to your dog. When you use fake grass you are confusing your dog and going against their natural instincts of using real grass to do their “business”. At Doggy and the City we only use real natural indoor dog potty turf.

Indoor Dog Potty Turf

Indoor Dog Potty Turf

Daily Indoor Dog Potty Maintenance

Natural indoor dog potty turf has the ability to absorb dog urine and odor naturally through the blades of grass and attached soil. Fake synthetic grass has no ability to absorb urine. Some fake synthetic grass indoor dog potty systems use a urine tray as a collection method. These trays are filled with dog urine that must be poured out and cleaned every couple of days or you will start to have a terrible urine smell. You must also scrub the actual fake synthetic surface one every 2 – 3 days or else the urine will dry up into the fabric and you will never be able to get it truly clean again. With natural indoor dog potty turf the urine gets absorbed by the blades or grass and soil. All you have to do is change out the grass every 14 days or so and that is it. There is no need for any daily cleaning at all.

Our dog grass delivery service has been delivering natural dog potty turf since 2006. With our service you will always have fresh dog potty grass delivered to your door, this makes life even easier.

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