Indoor Dog Potty Sizes

Indoor Dog Potty


Choosing the right indoor dog potty size for your dog is very important. If you do not provide your dog with enough space they will not use the indoor dog potty on a regular basis.

Small Dogs

Small dogs need an indoor dog potty that is at least 4 sq. ft. in space to make sure they use it regularly and to make it easier for you to train them on it. Any dog that weighs under 20 lbs can easily use an indoor dog potty that provides at least 4 sq. ft. of potty grass area. Some companies try and sell you on very small indoor dog potty options that in the end will not work and just waste you money. Believe it or not dogs are prone to moving around and locating a spot where they want to do their business, you often see this when you take them on walks.

Large Dogs

For large dogs up to 100 lbs you must have an indoor dog potty that provide at least 10 sq. ft. of space to ensure that they will be able to use it. Training a large dog on anything smaller is very difficult and you will need to change the grass out on a weekly basis to ensure that it stays clean. If you have a large dog don’t even think about using synthetic grass. Due to the sheer volume of urine produced by a large dog you will be in for quite a mess if you use an indoor dog potty that has synthetic grass.

The following sizes are too small to be effective:

17 in x 27 in

24 in x 16 in

24 in x 20 in

Don’t waste your money on a small indoor dog potty option that you dog just won’t be able to use.

Doggy and the City Indoor Dog Potty Sizes

Over the past 7 years we have tested many sizes to come up with the perfect dog potty solution for your dog. We provide two size indoor dog potty boxes for dogs.

Small Dogs (Under 20 lbs.)

15 in x 48 in = approximately 5 sq. ft. (Click here for more information)

Large Dogs (Up to 100 lbs.)

2 ft 9 in x 4 ft 3 in = approximately 10 sq. ft. (Click here for more information)


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