Indoor dog grass potty for large dogs

indoor dog grass potty for large dogs

indoor dog grass potty for large dogs

Indoor dog grass potty for large dogs

If you have a large dog and you live in the city it can be difficult to find a solution for you daily dog potty needs. You may have seen owners of small dogs using an indoor dog potty solution and thought that your dog is just too big for something like that. At Doggy and the City we have many large breeds using our indoor dog potty box and grass delivery each month. In fact our largest customer is over 125 lbs.! In order to choose an indoor dog grass potty for large dogs you must take into account several things in order for it effective for you, your dog and your home.

Real Grass for Large Dogs

When you are deciding on an indoor dog grass potty for large dogs the only thing that will work for a large dog is real natural grass with soil attached to it. Fake synthetic grass has no absorption qualities and you will end up emptying out trays of urine and cleaning the fake grass every 2 days with harsh cleaners and deodorizers. Real natural grass is the only solution used by Doggy and the City in our indoor dog grass potty for large dogs. Real grass with soil will absorb urine, all you have to do is change the grass out weekly or bi-weekly depending on usage and that is it. No messing around with urine filled trays.

Size Definitely Matters

When choosing an indoor dog grass potty for large dogs you definitely want to choose something that provides enough space for your large dog. Most indoor dog grass potty solution are way too small for a large dog. Any dog over 50 lbs. definitely needs enough natural grass to provide adequate absorption of urine. Also, if your large dog does not have enough room to move around on their dog potty area they will not use it as effectively. Just like they do on their walks, they want to move around and find the perfect spot to do their business.

Strong and Sturdy

Many time people use an indoor dog grass potty for large dogs that is made out of a plastic construction or needs to be assembled from many pieces. When large dogs step onto a dog potty area that is not strong it will move, once this happens majority of dogs will be hesitant about stepping onto it again. Our dog grass potty comes fully assembled and is made of a strong would frame with a plastic inner lining to protect the box from the elements. The Doggy and the City grass dog potty sits firmly on the surface it is placed on and won’t move under the pressure of large dogs.

For more information see our Large Dog Grass Potty.


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