5 reasons to use the green grass dog potty

Green Grass Dog Potty

Green Grass Dog Potty

Why use the green grass dog potty

Doggy and the City created the green grass dog potty for dog owners living in the city. If you live in the city with your dog you more than likely live in an apartment or ┬ácondo. Using the green grass dog potty is perfect because dogs love using natural grass to do their “business”. Natural grass is also the best absorbent of dog urine and odor.

1. Natural Grass

The green grass dog potty is filled with natural grass that your dog will love. Training you dog to use the green grass dog potty is easy because they already use natural grass when you walk them. We work with local farms to provide you with fresh natural grass for your dog potty with our dog grass delivery service.

2. The perfect size green grass dog potty

Our two different dog potty sizes give dogs of any size plenty of room to do their “business”. There are a few small indoor dog potty products out there that simply just don’t work. Dogs need room to move around on an area before they use it. You have probably noticed this on the many walks you have taken them on. If your dog does not have enough room to move on their green grass dog potty they just won’t use it.

Green Grass Dog Potty

Green Grass Dog Potty

3. Low Maintenance

The green grass dog potty will relieve you of having to clean floors and patios on a daily basis. Real grass is the perfect natural absorbent of urine and odor. All you have to do is make sure that you change out the natural grass at least every 2 weeks in order to keep the area fresh and healthy for your dog. No more wasting your time and you money on harmful cleaners, mops, etc.

4. Dog Grass Delivery Service

Our convenient dog grass delivery service will deliver fresh natural grass to your door every 7 or 14 days depending on what you need. Every time you remove the old grass you are removing the urine that is absorbed inside it. We deliver fresh natural grass throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

5. Convenience

Our green grass dog potty gives dog owners another option when it comes to late night and early morning pee walks that can be difficult to do. It is also convenient for your dog to have another option when you are running late getting home from work or something unexpected comes up. Our dog grass delivery service also makes keeping your green grass dog potty fresh by providing delivery to your door.

Nee more information? Visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages for more!



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