The Green Dog Potty Box

Green Dog Potty Box

Green Dog Potty Box

Using a green dog potty box for your dog

We created the green dog potty box for dogs and owners living in apartments. We only use fresh natural grass in our green dog potty box that your dog will love. Dogs love peeing on real natural grass so training your dog to use a green dog potty box is quick and easy.

Green Dog Potty Box Training

Dogs are instinctively drawn to using natural grass to do their business. Our green dog potty box is filled with fresh natural grass. This means that unlike pee pads and synthetic grass it is very easy to train your dog to use our green dog potty box. Working with your dogs natural instincts is much easier than working against them. Our natural grass dog potty box makes your dogs instinct a tool for potty training your dog

Green Dog Potty Box

Green Dog Potty Box

Low Maintenance

Real grass is the best natural absorbent for urine and odor. The blades of grass and attached soil will absorb urine and odor naturally, eliminating daily clean up. Pee pads and synthetic grass require daily cleaning to avoid terrible urine odor. In order to assure the freshness of your dog potty box we recommend that you change the grass at least every 14 days. No more daily floor or patio cleaning with harsh cleaners that are bad for your dog and your home.

Dog Grass Delivery

Our real dog grass delivery service will conveniently delivery real natural grass to your door every 7 or 14 days based on your needs. We work with local farms to ensure that all of our natural grass is delivered to your door the same day it is cut. We currently provide dog grass delivery to dog owners in Los Angeles and Orange County.

For more information, please visit our green dog potty box and dog grass delivery service pages.


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