The best doggy grass pad available

Doggy Grass Pad

Doggy Grass Pad

Use the best doggy grass pad

Picking the best doggy grass pad can be difficult these days. When we started Doggy and the City in 2006 it was simple, we created the best doggy grass pad for every size dog. Since then there have been imitators that have flooded the market with small indoor dog potty products that use fake synthetic grass. Our doggy grass pad is gives your dog the room they need and is filled with only real natural grass.

Doggy Grass Pad Size

Many people don’t understand this until it is too late. If you buy a doggy grass pad product that is too small, your dog won’t use it. When you walk your dog you can see how they love to pick just the right spot to pee on. If your dog does not have enough room to move around on their doggy grass pad they just won’t use it. We made our doggy grass pads large enough for your dog to use easily.  These doggy grass pad products are too small for even the smallest dogs: 

  • 20 in x 20 in
  • 24 in x 16 in
  • 17 in x 27 in
  • 27 in x 34 in

Your dog will have a difficult time attempting to use the small sizes listed above.

Doggy Grass Pad

Doggy Grass Pad

Use only real grass

We only use real dog potty grass. Dogs love peeing on real grass and it is the best possible option for absorbing urine and odor. Our dog grass delivery service will ensure that you have fresh dog potty grass delivered to your door whenever you need it. Unlike fake synthetic grass or pee pads, dogs love peeing on natural grass. This makes training you dog to use their new doggy grass pad fast and easy.

Very low maintenance

Using real dog potty grass means no more floor or patio cleaning. The natural grass will absorb the urine and odor into the soil. All you have to do is change out the grass at least every 2 weeks and you job is done.

Visit our doggy grass pad and doggy grass delivery pages for more information!


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