Real grass doggie potty vs. pee pads

Doggie Potty

Doggie Potty

Why use a real grass doggie potty?

Most dog owners living in an apartment think that their only option is using paper pee pads. Our real grass doggie potty is a much cleaner and more affordable option than paper pee pads. When using paper pee pads you are left dealing with odor, clean up, and difficulty with training your dog. Since 2006 our real grass doggie potty has been providing dog owners in Los Angeles and Orange County with a better option.

Easy to Train Your Dog

Using real grass makes training your dog to use their new doggie potty quick and easy. Dogs are instinctively drawn to peeing on natural grass so you don’t need any special training tricks. Using paper pee pads is very foreign to dogs and it can be extremely difficult to train them to use them. Using a real grass doggie potty allows you to work with your dogs natural instincts not against them.

Doggie Potty

Doggie Potty

No more mess

Using paper pee pads can get messy quick and lead to daily floor cleaning. Dogs using pee pads often miss or pee to close to the edge of the pad. Both of these lead to urine on your floor or carpet that needs to be cleaned immediately. Using a real grass doggie potty will allow you to avoid all that daily cleaning with expensive and harmful cleaners. Real grass absorbs urine and odor naturally so you don’t have to clean anything. All you have to do is change out the grass at least every 2 weeks.


On most days a dog will use several pee pads which not only need to be replaced but also cleaned up. Some people have to also lay out two pee pads each time to make sure that nothing spills onto the floor. Using 4 – 6 pee pads per day really adds up and on top of the cost there comes a serious amount of cleaning. With our dog grass delivery service we will make sure that we deliver fresh natural grass for your doggie potty every 14 days for a low monthly fee.

For more information, please visit our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery pages!


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