Doggie Grass for apartment dogs

Doggie Grass

Doggie Grass

Doggie Grass is the best dog potty solution

Using doggie grass is great for dogs living in apartments. Our real doggie grass absorbs urine and odor and dogs loving using it to do their business. The Doggy and the City indoor dog potty is filled with real doggie grass that you dog will love. We will show you how to use real natural doggie grass instead of paper pee pads or synthetic dog potty grass.

Why natural doggie grass?

We use only real doggie grass for our indoor dog potty products. Dogs love using real grass when they do their “business”. Training your dog to use paper pee pads and synthetic grass is very difficult. With real natural doggie grass you are working with their natural instincts. This means that training your dog becomes a breeze.

Very Low Maintenance

Most dog owners living in apartments find themselves stuck with daily floor, patio, and carpet cleaning. With our indoor dog potty and real dog potty grass that is a thing of the past. Our indoor dog potty is fully self contained and filled with real grass. Natural grass is the best available absorbent of urine and odor. The soil attached to our doggie grass will absorb all of the urine and odor for you. No more cleaning up pee pads or the urine that has run off of them. Forget about the days when you had a faint smell of urine coming from your balcony or patio.

Doggie Grass Delivery Service

All you have to do to maintain a fresh indoor dog potty box is change out the grass at every 14 days. Our dog potty grass delivery service will conveniently deliver fresh natural grass to your door. No more racing out to Home Depot or the local nursery to lug home grass. We deliver fresh dog potty grass from local farms to all of our customers in Los Angeles and Orange County on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.




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