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Unfortunately the market is filled by dog toilets with synthetic pet grass that all end up in the trash within a short time. I am sure you have seen some version of these on late night television or in the sidebar of your searches online. Using synthetic pet grass as part of your dog potty solution is the worst decision you can make. Synthetic pet grass is expensive, smells immediately, and creates a daily clean up nightmare for you.

No Absorption

Dog toilets with synthetic pet grass have no ability to absorb urine and odors. Essentially your dog will be urinating on the equivalent of plastic. Unlike real natural grass there is nowhere for urine to go but to stay on top of the synthetic surface and eventually dry up for your dog to step on. Some systems have a tray in the bottom that collects some urine that doesn’t stick to the surface of the synthetic pet grass. Dumping out trays of urine and then cleaning the tray is a whole other nightmare. Just like your carpet, synthetic pet grass just gets sticky and smelly from just a few uses and you can never really get it completely clean and fresh again. None of this sounds like much fun does it?

Needs Daily Cleaning

 Real Grass Dog Toilet

Real Grass Dog Toilet

The worst part about dog toilets with synthetic pet grass is the daily cleaning ritual that you must go through just to make things bearable. After just a few uses from your dog, synthetic pet grass begins to smell and then only gets worse from there. In order to keep the smell somewhat under control you must wash down the synthetic pet grass daily with powerful cleaners and deodorizers that are expensive and harmful to your dog. Even after these daily scrubs you still have a faint smell of urine every time you get near the dog toilet area. Real grass dog toilets absorb urine and odors naturally, this means no cleaning and no smell!

Makes Training Difficult

Training your dog to use dog toilets with synthetic pet grass is very difficult. Here at Doggy and the City we replace synthetic grass dog potty’s several times each month due to the fact that people just cannot get their dogs to use it. Also, if your dog does overcome the confusion of using synthetic pet grass they will begin to urinate on other household items that are similar in size, shape, or texture. These items include door mats, towels, floor rugs, and many more. Having to clean and replace these items is not only a waste of time but also expensive over time.

The Natural Grass Solution

Our natural grass solution is the best possible answer to your dog potty needs. For more information see our products and service!

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