Convenient dog potty grass service

Dog Potty Grass Service

Dog Potty Grass Service

Affordable, convenient dog potty grass service

Since 2006 we have been providing affordable and convenient dog potty grass service to dog owners all over Southern California. In hte beginning we used many different types of grass and several different sizes of indoor dog potty boxes. Soon we were able to see that fresh natural dog potty grass is the only choice for an indoor dog potty solution. We also created two different indoor dog potty sizes that work perfectly for any dog.

Natural Dog Potty Grass Service

All of our dog potty grass is grown by local farms and delivered fresh to your door within hours of being cut. Only natural dog potty grass works when it comes to absorbing dog urine and odors. We learned years ago how to pick the best natural grass for our indoor dog potty solution.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Delivery

Customers can sign up for weekly or bi-weekly dog potty grass service. This means we will delivery fresh dog potty grass to your door every 7 or 14 days depending on your needs. ¬†We also offer full service dog potty grass service delivery for those that don’t want to lift a finger. With our full service delivery our helpful delivery staff we handle everything for you. We will remove the old grass put in the new grass and do quick cleaning of your indoor dog potty box.



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