Dog Potty Grass Patch in Los Angeles

Dog Potty Grass Patch

Dog Potty Grass Patch

The Dog Potty Grass Patch – Real Natural Grass










Dog Potty Grass Patch Size: Why it is important

Choosing the right size dog potty grass patch is very important. If your dog does not have enough room to move around on it, they won’t use it. Often you find online option that ship very small boxes of grass, these are too small for even tiny breeds to use. Reference our “Pick a Size” page for ideal size requirements for your dog.

Dog Potty Patch Grass: Real or Synthetic?

We will just cut to the chase on this one, real grass is the best option for you and your dog. A dog potty grass patch with real grass will absorb urine naturally. With synthetic dog potty grass the urine will sit on top or just below the surface. This will cause not only terrible odors, it will also cause the environment in and around the dog potty box to become less the hygienic.

Dog Potty Patch Grass: Same day delivery

Other companies ship their grass via FedEx or other third party companies. This leads to your natural grass sitting in a box for several days before it gets to you. Doggy and the City delivers your dog potty patch grass to you the same day that it is harvested out of the ground. Grass is perishable, the longer it takes to get to you, the worse shape it will be in.

If you have any questions regarding our service please visit our Knowledge Base for more answers.


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