Dog Potty Grass Delivery

dog potty grass delivery

dog potty grass delivery

Dog Potty Grass Delivery. What is it?

Dog potty grass delivery and dog potty solutions have become very popular. So if you have found this post you have most likely been doing your research in order to find a potty solution for your dog. More than likely you live in an apartment or condo without a yard, and you may have a demanding schedule that makes it tough to take your dog on 5 bathroom trips a day along with walks. In this post we are here to clarify what exactly dog potty grass delivery is.

Dog potty grass is natural grass that is used in coordination with a dog potty box in order to provide city dwelling dog owners living in apartments without a yard with a better, cleaner, and more convenient solution to the daily dog potty needs. First of all dog potty grass is all natural, you should never use synthetic grass when you decide to use dog potty grass. Dogs are instinctively drawn to peeing on natural grass, this makes training them much easier. Also, real grass natural absorbs urine and eliminates odors that are a big problem when using synthetic grass.

When using dog potty grass delivery you want to change the grass out at least every 14 days to make sure that the dog potty box stays clean and healthy for your dog and home. This provides you with a low maintenance solution compare to daily patio and floor cleaning, as well as the burden of constantly have to dispose of paper pee  pads multiple time a day. The bottom line real dog potty grass delivery is cleaner, eliminates smell, and requires much less maintenance then any of the alternatives.

Doggy and the City dog potty grass delivery is all natural and is delivered from the farm to your door the same day. This is important, allowing your dog potty grass to last two weeks or longer. We don’t mail it to you via FedEx we make sure that are drivers deliver your fresh dog potty grass to your door the same day is is harvested from the farm.

For more information on our dog potty grass delivery click here.



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