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dog litter box


Dog Litter Box. What is it?

When you say dog litter box that can me different things for different people.

A whole industry has popped up now that caters to “urban living” for dog owners. A few factors have caused the creation of the urban pet industry. For starters more people than ever before are moving to large metropolitan areas due to a shift in employment opportunities. Secondly, people are putting off marriage and kids longer resulting in the skyrocketing of dog ownership here in the United States over the last 15 – 20 years.

The dog litter box is also called several other names such as dog potty box, indoor dog potty, or indoor dog park. In order to deal with the dog potty needs of a dog owner living in the city with limited grass, the dog litter box was born. The Doggy and the City dog litter box is filled with natural grass. Other versions also use synthetic grass as well.

Training your dog in our dog litter box with natural grass is very easy because dogs are instinctively drawn to natural grass. Synthetic grass on the other hand is very foreign to dogs and is difficult to train them on.  Using our product makes your life easier and provides your dog with a natural alternative to potty pads, the cement, and synthetic grass. Just like changing the litter in a cats litter box you must do the same with the grass for your dog.

Depending on the frequency with which you dog uses the grass you should change it every 7 – 14 days to ensure the cleanest, healthiest environment for your dog and yourself.


Regular Dog Litter Box

Large Dog Litter Box

Grass Delivery Service


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