Finding the right dog litter box system

Dog Litter Box System

Dog Litter Box System

Getting the right dog litter box system for your dog

When living in an apartment it is important to get the right dog litter box system for your dog. Since 2006 our dog litter box system has helped dog owners all over Los Angeles and Orange County with their dog potty needs. It is important that you don’t waste time and money on small synthetic grass dog litter box systems. We have created the perfect dog litter box size that uses only real natural dog potty grass. You don’t want to have a dog litter box system that is too small for your dog or they will not use it.

What is the right litter box for your dog?

Choosing the right dog litter box for your dog means making sure they have enough room to do their “business”. Most dog litter boxes are way too small for even small breeds. Our dog litter boxes were created to give your dog plenty of room to pick the right spot, just like they do on walks. Over the past 8 years our dog litter box system has been used by large dogs over 120 lbs and small dogs that weigh less than 5 lbs.

Dog Litter Box System

Dog Litter Box System

Synthetic or Real Dog Potty Grass?

Our dog litter box system only uses real dog potty grass. Dogs are instinctively drawn to using real grass. When you use synthetic dog potty grass you dog becomes confused. Also, your dog will begin to associated the fake plastic grass with other household items. This means dogs often begin urinating on bath mats, rugs, door mats, etc. Fake synthetic grass is also very difficult to keep clean and free of odor. Our real dog potty grass absorbs odor and urine naturally into the attached soil. In order to keep your dog litter box system fresh you just have to change out the dog potty grass at least once every 14 days.

Dog Potty Grass Delivery

Instead of running down to Home Depot and hoping they have some grass left, we take care of that for you. Our dog potty grass delivery service will conveniently delivery farm fresh grass to your door. This means changing out the grass in your dog litter box system is easy and convenient.


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