Dog litter box grass for your apartment

Dog Litter Box Grass

Dog Litter Box Grass

Using dog litter grass for your apartment is easy!

So you live in an apartment with your dog and you are tired of the early morning and late night pee walks. Maybe your schedule is very hectic and you sometimes have a hard time making it home to let your dog out. Dog litter grass is an excellent option that will provide you with more freedom and give your dog another option so they don’t have to hold it. At Doggy and the City we have been delivering dog litter box grass to dog owners since 2006. We are the experts on dog litter box grass and in this article we will provide you with all the information you will need.

Real dog litter box grass

First and foremost you must always use real natural dog litter box grass in your home. Using anything else will lead to more work and expense for you. Many companies offer fake dog litter box grass. Using fake grass is a mistake because you have to clean it daily to eliminate smell. With real grass all you have to do is change out the grass periodically. Real grass absorbs odor and urine naturally in the soil, there is no cleaning involved at all. Avoid smelly odors and use real natural grass for your dog potty needs.

The Indoor Dog Potty

When using dog litter box grass you want to make sure you have the proper indoor dog potty system. Many companies try and sell you small indoor dog potty systems that just aren’t big enough for dogs to use. A small indoor dog potty just won’t work, dogs need to move around on the dog litter box grass in order to pick just the right spot to do their business. I am sure you have seen this plenty of times when you walk your dog. Stay away from indoor dog potty systems that come in these small sizes:

  • 16 in x 24 in
  • 20 in x 20 in 
  • 17 in x 27 in 

These sizes listed above are just too small for even the tiniest dogs.

Grass Litter Box for Dogs

Grass Litter Box for Dogs

Training your dog to use dog litter box grass

After over 6 years of business we have seen many people easily train their dogs to use dog litter box grass. Some dogs use the grass immediately while others need a few days of training. For the first two you want to make sure that you take your dog out to their indoor dog potty first thing in the morning. This is the time of the day that they have the most urgency to urinate. Once they do urinate on the dog litter box grass be sure to give them a treat as well as some verbal praise. Just stick to that routine and that’s it.

Dog Grass Delivery

Changing out the natural grass on a regular basis is important. We recommend that people change out the grass every 7 – 14 days depending on usage. Our dog grass delivery service makes it easy for you to regularly replace you dog litter box grass. We deliver fresh new natural grass to your door every 7 days or every 14 days depending on the service you sign up for. We also provide a full service option where we change out the grass for you.



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