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Dog Litter Box as a Potty Solution

Using a dog litter box as a potty solution is the best way to solve many of the difficulties that arise when you own a dog while living in the city. The dog litter box can also be called several other names including; pet-a-potty, dog potty box, pet potty, patio dog park, etc. Doggy and the City provides dog litter boxes and natural grass delivery service in the Southern California area. Our dog litter box and grass service is affordable, convenient, clean, and best of all easy for your dog to use.

A dog litter box is a self contained box that holds natural grass, you could say that it is literally a backyard in a box for dog owners that live in apartments or condos. Using the dog litter box provides you with a clean, self-contained area for your dog to their “business” that doesn’t require constant daily cleaning like paper pee pads. Most importantly the natural grass makes it very easy to train your dog how to use it.

Why is natural dog potty grass? Your dog is naturally drawn to using natural grass, you can see this when you walk them. Potty training your dog using a dog litter box is easier when you use natural grass because you are working with them not against them. Using pee pads to potty train your dog is more difficult because dogs see the plastic pee pads as foreign, not natural.

Doggy and the City dog litter boxes come in two convenient sizes.



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