What about dog grass pad smell?

Dog Grass Pad Smell

Dog Grass Pad Smell

Is there dog grass pad smell to deal with?

One question we get all the time is whether there will be any dog grass pad smell. You should not experience any dog grass pad smell when using your indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service properly. There are only a few instances when you may experience a light dog grass pad smell.

Dog Grass Pad Overuse

Some dog grass pad smell may occur if your dog is just completely over using their dog grass pad. Our indoor dog potty / dog grass pad is meant to be used as an early morning late at night option. Other people use it as an option when they have to work late as well. If the dog grass pad is the primary place that your dog uses we suggest that you receive weekly dog grass delivery in order to avoid dog grass pad smell.

Dog Grass Pad Size

If you are using a small dog grass pad and you have a large dog you may experience some dog grass pad smell. You must be sure that you have the right size dog grass pad for your dog. Bigger dogs need more real estate to absorb their larger volume of urine. If you have enough natural grass area it will absorb urine and odor naturally. Doggy and the City only uses natural grass in our indoor dog potty / dog grass pad product.

Synthetic Grass

If you are using another dog grass pad that has synthetic grass you will definitely experience dog grass pad smell. Fake plastic grass has no ability to absorb urine and odor so your are left with an extremely strong dog grass pad smell. Even if you clean your dog grass pad daily you will have a very strong urine odor to deal with.

Dog Grass Pad Smell

Dog Grass Pad Smell

Only use real grass

We only use natural grass because it has soil attached to it that does a great job of absorbing urine and odor. The best way to avoid dog grass pad smell is to use natural grass and make sure you change it out on a regular basis. We recommend that you change out your grass at least every 14 days. If your dog is using their dog grass pad as a primary place to do their “business” you should change it out weekly.

For more information please visit our dog grass pad and dog grass delivery pages.


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