Dog Grass Delivery – California

Dog Grass Delivery


Dog Grass Delivery in Southern California

Doggy and the City provides dog grass delivery throughout the Southern California area for over 500 customers. We work with the largest sod farms in California to ensure that our grass is delivered straight from the farm to your door in the same day. Dogs are drawn to fresh natural grass, making your daily dog potty needs much more manageable and creating an easy toll to potty train your dog.


People that want to avoid the late night and early walks due to weather or safety issues.

In many areas of Los Angeles it just isn’t safe for a single woman to walk their dog in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. Our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery gives dog owners living in apartments another option when it comes to that last potty break of the night or the urgent 6:30 am bathroom trip.

Potty Training a Puppy

When potty training a puppy you have to take your puppy out every couple of hours or you find yourself cleaning your floors and carpets over and over. By using our indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service your puppy will learn to pee on grass just like outside but everything is kept in a fully contained area. Our indoor dog potty is a self contained area so there is no cleaning up. Just remove the old grass when you receive your new grass, easy as that. You will also avoid having to find the time to take your puppy out every 2 hours as well

People tired of potty pads and synthetic fake grass

Dogs that use potty pads often miss the pad or have their pee flow over the edge of the potty pad and onto your floors and carpets. In order to keep your home clean you have to use multiple pads to ensure there is no mess on the floor. This is costly and very high maintenance.

When dogs use synthetic grass it will begin to smell almost immediately. No matter how many harmful disinfecting cleaners you use, it is impossible to completely remove dog urine odor from synthetic grass.

The Doggy and the City indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery makes life so much easier. Real natural grass is the perfect absorbent to control odor naturally and eliminate time consuming maintenance to avoid odors and spills. The indoor dog potty is totally self contained with natural grass so you won’t find yourself constantly cleaning.

Very busy people that love their dogs

Many of our clients are very busy professionals that love their dogs but can’t always get home in time when nature calls. The Doggy and the City indoor dog potty and dog grass delivery service makes it easy for their dog when the day gets a little longer than anticipated.

For more information on our dog grass delivery service click here!


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