Dog Grass Delivery Westwood

Dog Grass Delivery Westwood

Dog Grass Delivery Westwood

Doggy & the City dog grass delivery Westwood

One of the most beautiful and pristine neighborhoods in Los Angeles is Westwood. Home to UCLA and neighbor of Beverly Hills. Wilshire Blvd. is lined with gorgeous high rise apartment communities that are filled with dog owners. Doggy and the City dog grass delivery Westwood has been serving dog owners for many years now. As one of our most popular areas of service we delivery there every week.

Our dog grass delivery Westwood includes both regular and full service options. We work with property management and concierge services in every building to ensure that your delivery gets to your door on time.

Real dog grass delivery Westwood

All of our dog grass is delivered fresh from our local partner farm within hours of being cut. This ensures that your dog grass will last and you dog will love using their indoor dog potty box.


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