Dog Grass Delivery Service

Dog Grass Delivery Service

Dog Grass Delivery Service

Dog Grass Delivery Service

Doggy and the City dog grass delivery service is available throughout Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California. Our service has been delivering dog potty grass to customers for over 7 years now and we have mastered the art of reliable on-time delivery even in the worst LA traffic. Our dog grass delivery service is an affordable, clean, and healthy solution to the dog potty needs of dog owners living in apartments and condos with no yard.

Our Dog Grass

Every morning our dog grass delivery drivers pick up freshly cut grass from our partner farms and delivers it that same day to customers all over Los Angeles and Orange County. We pride ourselves in providing freshly cut grass that is shipped from the farm to your door the same day. Doggy and the City dog grass is the perfect natural absorbent for urine and odors. The blades of grass along with the soil attached to the grass absorb all the mess providing you with a low maintenance solution that is much easier than dealing with daily patio cleaning and potty pad clean up.

Full Service Delivery

We offer a full service delivery option to dog owners. With our full service dog grass delivery service we will put the new grass in your dog potty box and dispose of the old grass. In this case customer must provide our delivery personnel with access to their dog potty box on their scheduled delivery day. Our friendly delivery drivers make sure that they are in and out in quickly and with no mess

Regular Service Delivery

With our regular dog grass delivery service we provide you with everything you need to change out the dog grass yourself. Our regular service includes a package delivered to your door with fresh grass, disposable gloves, and a bag for disposing of the old grass. Our regular service is perfect for working professionals that are not home during the day to provide access to their dog potty box for full service delivery

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Delivery

Doggy and the City provides dog grass delivery every 7 days or every 14 days based on the needs of the dog owner. You can see our pricing by visiting our dog grass delivery page.






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