Affordable and reliable dog grass delivery Santa Monica

Dog Grass Delivery Santa Monica

Dog Grass Delivery Santa Monica

Doggy and the City Dog Grass Delivery Santa Monica

We have been delivering fresh dog potty grass to the Santa Monica area since 2006 and have several hundred clients in the area that currently use Doggy and the city dog grass delivery Santa Monica. Despite having the beach nearby dog owners in Santa Monica have very few areas where their dogs can do their business.

Santa Monica is full of great areas with beautiful apartments and condos that are lined with palm trees. This dog friendly city is home to a higher than average dog ownership rate so our services definitely come in handy. If you live in the Santa Monica area and are looking for a dog potty solution we deliver to the area every week.

Natural Dog Grass Delivery Santa Monica

Our natural grass is harvested each morning from our local partner farms and delivered to Santa Monica the same day. We do not mail your dog grass to you, we use our own delivery staff to make sure that it gets to you in just a few hours. Some dog grass delivery companies mail your grass to you, this means it sits in a box for a few days and turns yellow quickly. We guarantee our dog grass to be fresh so lasts you longer and absorbs urine and odors better.

Indoor Dog Potty

Indoor Dog Potty

Our Indoor Dog Potty

Our dog grass delivery Santa Monica is accompanied by our high quality locally manufactured indoor dog potty box. The indoor dog potty from Doggy and the City will keep your dog grass full self contained and really looks great on your patio or in your house. Most residents in Santa Monica have great outdoor living spaces that our indoor dog potty looks great in. When you order you indoor dog potty we will delivery it for free and lay down the first dog grass delivery for you.

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